Acne-Safe Concealer

Acne safe concealer allows you to enjoy the many benefits that this beauty product offers without the fear of acne flareups or unexpected breakouts.

Concealer is truly an all-purpose product, a secret weapon of makeup professionals the world over. The right concealer can also provide your skin with a healthy glow and help fade small imperfections. For anyone who suffers from skin problems such as acne, concealer can quickly become a critical part of your makeup routine. This is why a concealer for acne-prone skin is so important!

Unless you choose the good quality product that is designed for acne-prone skin, however, your makeup can actually worsen the very problems you seek to conceal.


Concealer: The Beauty Secret You Need Now

Professional makeup artists consider concealer to be one of the most versatile cosmetics of all. You can use it to even out your skin tone and to disguise dark circles under the eyes, skin discolorations, blemishes or any other imperfection you might want to hide. But those aren’t the only uses for concealer.

If you choose the right product, you can use it in a pitch as foundation or highlighter. You can even add some to your favorite moisturizer to provide a subtle wash of color on your skin.

If you have problems with acne, concealer can be even more important. It’s invaluable for minimizing acne scars and for helping hide pimples and blemishes. Unfortunately, anyone who has sensitive skin or is prone to breakouts could suffer the consequences of using concealer – if the makeup they select isn’t acne safe.


Can Concealer Cause Acne?

Concealer can indeed cause breakouts. It can also cause current acne to worsen.

Many makeup products contain ingredients that irritate sensitive skin or cause it to become overly dry. This can lead to an excess level of skin oil and an overgrowth of harmful, acne-causing bacteria. This and other types of makeup can cause your pores to clog, which can ultimately lead to new or worsening acne flareups.

If you choose an acne-safe concealer, however, you can take advantage of this product’s many benefits without having to fear for the condition of your skin.


What Is the Best Acne-Safe Concealer?

It’s important to choose concealer that is acne-safe, so that it won’t clog your pores or lead to more oils and more breakouts. The entire line of Jil Goorman concealers is ideal for acne-prone skin, helping you mask and smooth imperfections without causing more problems.

Choosing the right shade is also important for getting the results you seek. A common mistake is choosing a concealer that matches your skin tone for concealing dark undereye circles. Instead, choose one that is about two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. This helps ensure that dark circles will blend in seamlessly.

If you are using concealer to cover acne, redness, or similar imperfections, choose a concealer that is the same shade as your natural skin tone. Using the wrong color can actually make whatever imperfection you’re trying to cover up even more noticeable.

Our liquid concealer is especially formulated to hydrate and brighten the skin while effectively masking imperfections. Even better, you won’t have to worry that the Jil Goorman Beauty™ acne safe concealer you use today will contribute to irritating or drying your skin tomorrow – or encouraging future breakouts.

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