Setting Spray

Acne-Safe Setting Spray

Acne-prone skin deserves makeup products that are specially designed to prevent breakouts, dryness, and inflammation. For those with sensitive skin, options are limited. You have to be careful because you could trigger a new flareup at any moment. That’s why you need an acne-safe setting spray in your makeup collection!

What Is Setting Spray?

Everyone wants their makeup to last all day, and with the right setting spray you can get your wish. Just like other products we use as part of our beauty routine—hairspray to keep our hair in place, top coat for nail polish—setting spray is the final step after you’re finish putting on makeup. It’s designed to hold products longer, which is ideal for long days (and nights) when you want to keep looking good.

These non-comedogenic setting sprays can also help prevent oily buildup throughout the day and add an extra layer of hydration, so makeup won’t start to flake off or look cakey. It’s perfect for your wedding day, festival and day-long events, or even for day-to-day wear. 

Can Setting Spray Cause Acne?

All cosmetic products can trigger breakouts if they contain the wrong ingredients. If your skin is not subject to excess oil, irritation, or acne, you don’t have to worry as often about your options. However, those with acne-prone skin should worry because setting spray is one of worst offenders. 

Heavy oils that are high in fatty acids, synthetic emollients, fragrances etc. are just some of the elements that can clog pores and cause excessive oil production. Bacteria gets trapped inside the pores to cause irritation, redness, and troublesome breakouts.

What Is the Best Acne Safe Setting Spray?

Choosing an acne-safe setting spray is your best bet for clear skin that holds your makeup in place all day long. With ingredients like aqua and aloe leaf juice, Jil Goorman Beauty’s non-comedogenic setting spray will make you feel fresh and maintain the look of newly applied makeup.

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