Liquid Lipstick

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Liquid lipsticks are the ultimate product for all-day beautiful lip color. If the term “liquid” is making you nervous, don’t worry, these high-quality products go on with ease to provide you with long-lasting coverage that is easy to apply. It’s not just another lip gloss either, because liquid lipstick provides several benefits that your traditional gloss can’t match.

Unlike its matte counterpart, liquid lipsticks can provide you with a rich color that stays on throughout the entire day, no matter what your plans. You can apply them without lip liner, and they come in different shades and hues so you can select the one that matches your style. They begin as a liquid, but as soon as they dry you get smudge-proof wear for up to 12 hours, even in the water. Plus they dry with a nice matte finish, and you can apply lip balm right before to lock in moisture all day.