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Skincare Supplements for Acne

Sometimes what is happening internally in your body is just as important to healthy skin as what you use on the outside. If you are using quality skincare products, properly cleansing your skin, and using acne-safe makeup and acne-safe haircare products and you still experience breakouts, skin care supplements may help. We suggest multiple supplements as part of a holistic approach to clearing your skin without using antibiotics or harmful prescriptions.  

There are a handful of mineral and vitamins for acne that promote healthy skin. Cod Liver Oil is a healthy Omega 3 supplement which also contains safe levels of Vitamin A and D which aids in clearing acne and reducing inflammation. Always take with food and a common dose is 1 tablespoon or 1,000 capsule per day.  

Studies have shown that many people who have acne also are lacking in Zinc. You want to take a high-quality zinc supplement. Take one 30mg tablet in the morning with food, and one 30mg tablet at night with food. When taking this supplement without food you can become very sick to your stomach.

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