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Do you use highlighter as part of your daily beauty routine? It’s a little-known beauty product that can make a big difference in your overall glow. Highlighter is a type of makeup that attracts and reflects light, giving your face a little more brightness and depth so you look like you’re glowing from within. You may have seen it in celebrity tutorials as part of “contouring”, but you can use highlighter without perfecting the whole contouring routine.

There are various types of highlighters, some that come in warmer bronze hues, with others that include pink or peach hues. A warm pink/peach is universal and can be used on any skin tone. You can apply highlighter with a brush anywhere you want to glow, including eyes, lips, and cheeks.

All of our products come in acne-safe formulations so you get the beautiful benefits of your favorite makeup without worrying about clogged pores and breakouts.