Blotting Powder

Acne-Safe Blotting Powder

Blotting powder is used to control unwanted oil that can appear throughout the day.

Blotting powder is different than the normal face powder you may use. Whereas face powder is used to mask imperfections and even out your skin tone, blotting powder is designed to remove excess skin oils. These skin oils, left to build up throughout the day, can clog your pores and lead to breakouts.

The right product will provide all desired benefits without causing any skin irritation or acne flareups. Acne-safe blotting powder is especially key for preventing these flareups. Choose the wrong blotting powder, however, and you could end up with new or worsening breakouts.


What Is Blotting Powder?

Every minute of the day and night your skin is producing oils. Ideally, these oils act as a barrier to protect your skin from the elements outside. However, if the skin produces too much oil, it can leave your face looking shiny and your pores exposed to things like bacteria, dirt, and other pollutants.

Blotting powder is a type of makeup product designed to help counteract the overproduction of skin oil.

This product should be undetectable as it eliminates oil and improves the appearance of your pores, leaving you with cleaner skin from the start of your beauty routine. You can use these powders to set your foundation, smooth fine lines, and maintain a beautiful matte look throughout the day.


Can Blotting Powder Cause Acne?

For all the benefits this makeup product potentially offers, many blotting powder brands can cause problems despite the very reason it was designed.

Some blotting powders do not actually absorb oil. Instead, they sit on top of the skin and the oil. You skin might appear less shiny for a brief time. However, these products trap the excess oil – along with bacteria and other irritants – clogging the pores and creating the toxic environment that leads to acne flares.

Lest you think that blotting sheets might be a safer alternative, think again. Blotting sheets can actually force bacteria and oil into the pores, creating a fast track to whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.


What Is the Best Acne Safe Blotting Powder?

To get the desired effects of blotting powder without the risk of causing or worsening breakouts, choose an acne safe blotting powder. Blotting powder from Jil Goorman Beauty™ lets your face remain smooth and flawless all day without worrying that you’re sacrificing clear skin to that beautiful matte look you love.

Combined with our full line of acne safe makeup products, you can rest easy about oily or acne-prone skin. Leave the shine behind with Jil Goorman acne safe blotting powder.

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