Acne Safe Toner

If you battle with acne, toner is one of the most powerful skincare products you can use to get your skin clear and keep it that way.

Acne safe, non-comedogenic toners from Jil Goorman Skincare are formulated to create the perfect balance on your skin. These products gently remove excess skin oils while, at the same time, soothe, brighten and deposit ingredients that fight the toll that time takes on your skin.


What Is Toner?

You’ve seen it on store shelves, and perhaps even used it as part of your daily skincare routine, but what exactly is toner?

Face toner is an essential part of a skincare routine, helping to remove excess dirt and debris while restoring the pH of your skin. The best face toner can also play a role in removing sweat and bacteria off the face after a workout.

This product is applied after cleansing, before the application of other skincare products.

Adding toner to your morning and evening skincare routines provides other benefits as well, including minimizing the size and appearance of pores. Minimizing pores adds an extra layer of protection against environmental contaminants that could get into pores and cause inflammation. Depending on your skin’s needs, the best toner for acne and oily skin can seal in moisture and help prevent oily buildup that could lead to breakouts. The end result is skin that feels refreshed and revitalized.


Can Toner Cause Acne?

In the past, toners were formulated specifically to address oily, problem skin. Unfortunately, many of the earliest toners – and many that are still on the market today – were primarily made of astringents such alcohol and other harsh, skin stripping ingredients.

If you use one of these harsh lotions, your skin will become excessively dry, tight and irritated. In response, skin ups the production of oil, leading to the very problem you were trying to avoid. You could experience a worsening of your acne or trigger new breakouts.


What Is the Best Toner for Acne and Oily Skin?

The best toner for acne prone skin is one that removes impurities from the skin while, at the same time, provides nourishment and protection.

Our special botanical blended toners provide added nutrients, clarity and rejuvenation to acne prone skin. Whether your skin is sensitive or oily one of our versatile skin toners will fit your needs.

We have formulations that provide critical nourishment and hydration for dry skin and for calming red, irritated skin. Our oily skin toner helps clear away dead skin cells while soothing and moisturizing.

Make acne safe face toner from Jil Goorman Beauty® a crucial component of your anti-acne makeup and skincare regimen.

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