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If you stopped wearing blush (or you never started) because you’re worried it will make you look like a pop star from the 1980s, fear not. While there certainly are some blush products or applications that can go way overboard, when used correctly blush can also provide a very subtle and natural glow that makes your skin look healthy and happy. The key is to find quality products and a shade that complements your skin, then apply it with a quality brush.

Sheer and subtle blush tones are ideal for every skin tone, giving you a soft, natural look that helps augment your cheekbones. Light pinks and peaches are ideal for fair skin, while warm tones with bronze are perfect for darker skin. Use a sponge or a brush to blend the blush along your cheekbones to create a beautiful, natural look. You can also pair our blushes with highlighter, bronzer, and other acne-safe makeup essential for beautiful, glowing skin.