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Sometimes trying to figure out what products would work best for your skin and skin concerns can be challenging. You may be feeling overwhelmed and need some extra help. If you prefer a more one-on-one experience and feel more comfortable talking with one of our Estheticians about your skin concerns we suggest you sign up for a Virtual Consultation through our skin clinic. 

 Steps for you to take:

-Complete the form below.  Please pay close attention to the questions and make sure to complete the entire form.  Upload photos.

-Plan on at least 3 business days for your form to be reviewed. Our hours are Tuesday 9:00-5:00pm, Wed-Friday 12:00-6:00pm Mountain Time.

Prior to your online appointment with our Clinic:

  •  Please discontinue using any topical prescriptions prescribed for your acne for two weeks.
  •  You must be off Accutane for three months prior to doing our Virtual Online Acne Consultation.
  •  We do use benzoyl peroxide in our program. Very few people are allergic to benzoyl peroxide but if you have a known allergy we cannot treat you.

  What to expect next

-Once your Esthetician has reviewed your forms and photos,  we will schedule you a Zoom Appointment to do the actual consultation. Our receptionist will also contact you to collect a credit card to put on file. All appointments are subject to a 24 hour cancellation/no show policy. Read policy here.

Your online skincare consultations will be booked during our business hours listed above. You should receive a notification in your email with the appointment information and link to connect with us via Zoom.  Make sure you do these appointments with a fresh face, no makeup.

Your Consultation:

Your new client online skincare consultation will cost $100.00 In addition, you will purchase homecare products which will be hand picked for you by our estheticians. These products will cost $200 to $300 (approx.8 weeks worth of product) These products are an essential part of getting your skin clear and acne under control. We do not offer a program without homecare product purchase. Shipping costs apply.

During your initial consultation, we will review your acne history. What you are currently using as your homecare routine and what you have used in the past for your acne will be important for us to know.

  • Based on our analysis of your skin and acne history we will create a homecare routine for you. You will be thoroughly educated on how and when to use each step of your routine.
  • We will review and discuss any acne triggers or lifestyle changes which we feel you may need to make to get your skin clear. We feel that it’s important to control your acne from the inside out.
  • Following your online skincare consultation, we will set up a two week Virtual Online follow-up appointment. These types of appointments will be ongoing until your skin is clear. Such appointments are essential for us to adjust your homecare regimen and lighten red marks and scarring with our At-Home Chemical Peel Kit.  This kit with directions will be shipped out to you with your skincare products. The cost will be $80.00 for Virtual Online Follow Up Appointments.
  • To achieve clear skin please plan on following our Clear and Acne Free Program ™ for three-twelve months. Outcomes may vary depending on clients adherence to the program, product usage, and lifestyle changes

Any questions during your acne clearing journey can be sent to our email:


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