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Skincare Starter Kit -Excessive Dryness from Prescription Meds

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Are you using prescription medications for your acne? Maybe you are using Accutane or a prescription topical exfoliant that is really drying your skin out.  We understand Accutane can make your face very sensitive and reactive to products, especially those containing chemicals, acids and even essential oil. So you definately want to avoid those active ingredients at all costs! Your doctor may have made some recommendations when you started your medication, like Cetaphil or Neutragena to cleanse and moisturize your skin but we've found some of those brands contain pore-clogging ingredients which doesn't make a whole lot of sense when you are trying to clear your acne and not clog your pores.  So we've put together a skincare kit that wouldn't clog your pores plus it's gentle and hydrating...exactly what you need while using prescriptions that cause excessive dryness.  

Our Skincare Kit includes;

8 oz Gentle Wash

Use 1 to 2 times daily on affected areas. Can be used on face and body. Work into lather with fingertips. Rinse off thoroughly.

Get a powerful clean without all the harsh chemicals when you use our most popular face cleanser. It’s the best face wash for acne whether you have oily, dry, sensitive, or normal skin, combining soothing ingredients like chamomile with gentle cleansing agents to remove dirt, oil, and other impurities while infusing skin with moisture.

8 oz Dry Skin Toner

Apply directly to gauze or cotton pad and gently wipe over the entire face and neck. Do not rinse.

Moisturize your skin with this toner containing natural ingredients and calming botanicals. It’s the best daily moisturizing toner for your face to replenish nutrients and add hydration when skin is dry and irritated. Use face toner after cleansing to remove dirt and grime, balance pH levels, and restore skin’s natural oils. Great for all skin types.

1.7 oz Moisture Gel Harness the power of hyaluronic acid to moisturize your skin before, during, and after acne treatment. Aloe vera soothes and reduces irritation and inflammation from the sun while the moisturizing ingredients actively work to restore skin’s natural balance without clogging pores and causing oily buildup or breakouts. Great for all skin types. Safe to use alongside our acne creams.

1.7 oz Moisture Cream Our specially-formulated skin moisturizer is ideal for all skin types. It gently hydrates and balances to replenish moisture in skin that is exposed to everything from skincare products to dry weather. It’s the best daily moisturizer for your skincare routine and is 100% acne safe to avoid oily buildup that causes breakouts.

2.7 oz Sun Guard Spf Our best-selling sunscreen is formulated with nutrient-dense botanicals and natural ingredients to protect against a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB rays. Soothing aloe vera softens skin while active ingredients prevent sunburn and protect against premature aging and damage caused by UV rays. Acne-safe to avoid breakouts on your face or body. Light, natural scent.

1 oz Lip Balm

The skin on your lips is exposed to environmental pollutants, dirt and grime. Without proper protection lips can become dry and cracked. This ultra-powerful lip protection with a delicious mint flavor keeps them covered all day, and the acne-safe formula helps avoid breakouts along the lip line.

Product does not contain SPF.


Always check with your doctor prior to using this kit. 


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