Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes and sponges are an essential tool to apply flawless makeup every day. If you’re still trying to use your fingers to apply foundations, or using the free applicators that come with your makeup, switching to professional applicators and brushes can transform your finished look. Makeup brushes and sponge applicators are like an artist’s paintbrushes—technically an artist might be able to paint without them, but the finished masterpiece requires the right tools.

There are a wide variety of makeup brushes for applying everything from liquid foundation to eye-shadow and pressed or loose powders. Our Kabuki brush is perfect for foundation, bronzer, blush, powder, and highlighter. If you prefer to save your brush for powder applications only, an applicator sponge is ideal for liquid foundation in addition to your powder brush. Be sure to keep your brushes and applicators clean to avoid bacteria that can lead to breakouts.

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