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Acne-Safe Self Tanner

Using a self tanner is the perfect alternative to exposing your skin to the damaging rays of the sun. Self tanning is also the most convenient and cost-effective way to get a perfectly sunny glow without visiting a tanning salon and paying for expensive spray tan sessions.

For these reasons, many people prefer using a self tanning product. But if you are prone to acne, you might skip using it on your face, back, chest or any other acne-prone part of the body. Otherwise you could be in for a flareup.

If you choose an acne-safe self tanner, however, you can get that all-over glow without worrying about a new or worsening acne flare.


Why Use a Self Tanner?

Everyone knows that spending time in the sun can lead to a host of problems. At best, tanning in the direct sunlight can lead to prematurely aging skin and dark spots (“age spots”). At worst, you could develop potentially deadly skin cancer.

You can visit a tanning salon to get the results you’re after, but salon tanning can get expensive quickly. Some types of salon tanning methods can also be as hazardous as the sun, potentially leading to skin cancer as well. Consider also the inconvenience of going to the salon, along with the potential exposure to illness. It is not always an attractive alternative to tanning outdoors.

Self tanning products are the perfect alternative to all of these challenges. If you are prone to skin problems such as acne, having a tan can even help camouflage reddening and scars. However, some products can actually worsen acne or cause new breakouts.


Can Self Tanners Cause Acne?

Although sunless tanning products alone should not cause you to develop acne, many of these products do cause acne-prone skin to break out. They can also worsen existing acne flareups.

The chemicals used in many self tanners can irritate the skin – especially sensitive skin – and clog pores. This can lead to excessive oil on the skin and a build-up of acne-causing bacteria that becomes trapped in the pores. This combination can lead to the ideal conditions for acne to proliferate.

The good news is that not all self tanning products are created equal. When you choose a self-tanner for acne-prone skin, you don’t have to sacrifice a good tan for clear skin.


What Is the Best Acne-Safe Self Tanner?

The Jil Goorman Faux Tan product is the perfect sunless tanner for both your body and face. Our ultimate organic self tanner was formulated to be acne-safe and delivers a beautiful, natural-looking sunless tan to the face and body.

Always remember to exfoliate before using an acne-safe self-tanner. Apply the product following your morning skincare routine with our Kabuki brush or applicator mitt. Allow the product to dry for five minutes before dressing, and wait five to seven hours before showering. Although the color will appear light right after application, it will darken as time passes.

Check out our acne-safe self tanner along with our full line of skin care and makeup products designed for acne prone and sensitive skin.

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