4 Signs of Sensitive Skin and the Actions You Should Take

4 Signs of Sensitive Skin and the Actions You Should Take

Published by Jil Goorman on Jul 11th 2023

Though we all have skin, everyone is entirely different when it comes to their appearance, skin type, concerns, and conditions. That said, learning how to care for your unique skin can help you maintain a beautiful and clear complexion. Knowing more about your skin can help you develop an effective skincare routine, even if you already have a regular skincare routine. Follow along to learn a few signs of sensitive skin and the actions you should take to maintain it.

Beauty Products Sting or Burn

There’s nothing worse than a bad reaction to a beauty product, but it’s relatively common for those with sensitive skin. You might experience an uncomfortable stinging or burning sensation whether it be a cleanser, moisturizer, serum, or makeup. That said, those with sensitive skin might have a thinner skin barrier, which causes certain formulas to create issues.

Actions To Take

Avoid overloading your skin with known harsh ingredients. Instead, stick to gentle formulas that should not disrupt your skin and monitor your reaction to specific products.

You Have Dry Patches

Dryness and irritation are common issues for those with sensitive skin, but they can be difficult to overcome. If your skin barrier is leaky, it may not retain moisture; as a result, flakiness may occur if your skin is dry for long periods. Dry patches can be extremely painful or itchy, but proper skin care can help you overcome it.

Actions To Take

Be sure to provide proper moisture to your skin. You might also be able to incorporate a serum or cream specifically for skin dryness.

You’re Sensitive to the Sun

You might have sensitive skin if you step into the sun and instantly become red and flushed. This phenomenon is known as photosensitivity and can be a major issue for those struggling with sensitive skin. Though you can help shield your face with a hat, being overly sensitive to the sun is tough to endure, especially during the summer months.

Actions To Take

Always wear sunscreen when you go outside—it can help protect your skin from UV rays. That said, avoid synthetic sunscreen formulas and opt for gentle varieties like zinc oxide.

You Breakout Easily

Although you might think your skin is oily, there’s a chance it’s actually dry. Unfortunately, your skin might produce more oil to compensate for excessive dryness. As a result, you may appear oily or shiny. With additional oil on your skin’s surface, you’re more likely to experience clogged pores and breakouts.

Actions To Take

You can use an acne treatment kit to keep your breakouts in check and your skin in good condition. Although skincare can be a challenge, using the proper treatment options can help you maintain your unique skin.

Now that you know a few signs of sensitive skin and the actions you should take, you can make the most of your skin type. While dealing with sensitive skin can be difficult, taking the right steps is the best way to manage your symptoms.