4 Tips for Properly and Safely Exfoliating Your Face

4 Tips for Properly and Safely Exfoliating Your Face

Published by Jil Goorman on Feb 6th 2023

You’ve probably seen online photos of friends and celebrities with picture-perfect complexions and wondered how in the world they achieved such glowing, clear skin. Although many people use filters and photo editing programs to create nearly perfect images, others really do have beautiful skin. If you want to learn how to achieve clear, glowing skin for yourself, discover a few helpful tips for properly and safely exfoliating your face.

Remember That Less Is More With Exfoliating

Although exfoliating is a significant part of a good skincare routine, you shouldn’t do this daily. In fact, you should limit exfoliating to once or twice each week, regardless of whether you use a chemical or manual technique. Because it can be a rather harsh treatment, you must give your skin time to recover before exfoliating again. If you do this too frequently, you may damage your skin’s moisture barrier, resulting in unpleasant symptoms like acne, flakiness, irritation, redness, and more.

Exfoliate in the Morning

While you can exfoliate any time of day, the morning is the best time to do so. Because your skin goes through recovery at night when you’re asleep, there will most likely be a layer of dead skin cells you can remove from your face through exfoliation. As a result, you could achieve the softest skin by doing this step first thing in the morning.

Apply a Moisturizer Immediately After

As previously mentioned, exfoliating can be a relatively harsh process depending on the products and tools you use. With that said, you should apply a moisturizer immediately after to protect your fresh skin from pollutants, dirt, and other irritants. After any chemical treatment, your skin will be in dire need of extra high-quality moisture.

Don’t Skip Your Lips

While the rest of your face is probably the focus, you shouldn’t skip your lips. There’s nothing worse than having perfectly balanced skin with dry, cracked lips; therefore, you should use a hydrating skin protectant and a clean toothbrush to gently rub the dead skin away.

With these tips for properly and safely exfoliating your face, you’re on your way to beautiful skin. If you need help with your skincare goals, consider an online skincare consultation for more information and personalized advice. Exfoliating is important, but it can be tough to know exactly how and when to do so.