Acne Skincare Essentials: What You Need in Your Skin Routine

Acne Skincare Essentials: What You Need in Your Skin Routine

Published by Jil Goorman on Sep 2nd 2021

Whether you have acne-prone skin or a flawless complexion, it is critical to develop a skincare routine that cleanses, balances, and moisturizes your skin daily. Without a consistent skincare routine, sweat, dead skin cells, and grime are more likely to accumulate on your skin and clog your pores. Even if you don’t notice major breakouts on your face, your skin will likely suffer more significant long-term damage.

But what makes a skincare routine great? Throwing water on your face every morning is certainly not enough to wipes away dirt and bacteria. To help keep your skin naturally balanced and glowing, your routine should include specific products that keep it nourished.

In this blog, we’re sharing what you need in your skincare routine. We’ll examine what essential acne skincare you should add to your regime to keep your skin healthy and acne-free. To start learning about what steps to add to your routine, continue reading our blog below.

Essential One: Cleanser

Perhaps the most vital product you need in your skincare routine is an effective cleanser. Before applying any other products, you must first cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser. Cleansers are crucial for cleaning sweat, dead skin cells, and dirt from your pores.

However, cleanser users should note that cleaning your face with soap and water does not qualify as cleansing. In order to properly clean your skin, you must invest in a cleansing product that uses an effective formula of nutrients for your skin.

It’s also essential that you remove makeup from your face before cleansing your skin. Using makeup remover and wipes will be crucial to ensure that your cleansing routine thoroughly deep-cleans your skin without leftover traces of makeup.

Your cleanser will create your first layer of freshly rejuvenated and clean skin. So, be sure not to miss this essential step.

Essential Two: Toner

After you’ve cleansed your skin entirely, it’s time to add toner to your pores. Toner is another essential product to include in your skincare regime. Although many people tend to skip over toners because they assume this product is unnecessary, this assumption is entirely untrue. Toners add vital moisture and balance to your skin’s complexion.

In fact, one of the main functions of toners is to rebalance your skin’s natural pH. When you cleanse your skin of dirt, grime, and other pore-clogging irritants, this process often disrupts your skin’s pH levels.

Adding a high-quality toner to your skin directly after cleansing your skin will help to replenish and restore this natural balance. Neglecting to add toner to your skin after cleansing could lead to oil overproduction and acne.

Essential Three: Moisturizer

Cleansing and balancing your skin are ideal, but forgetting to seal in your freshly revitalized skin with moisturizer is a significant mistake. Therefore, every skincare routine should include a hydrating moisturizer product.

Even if your skin type is naturally oily, it’s crucial to find a moisturizer for oily and acne-prone skin that can hydrate your skin without over-moisturizing it. Including this step in your skincare routine will help to prevent premature wrinkles and dry patches.

Essential Four: Serums

There are several misconceptions about serums and what role they play in your skincare routine. First, although serums can add moisture and hydration to your skin, these products are not a substitute for moisturizers.

Moisturizers lock in hydration for your skin, whereas serums add additional nutrients and formulas to your skin. For example, retinol serums are a popular product to add to your skin to help prevent premature wrinkles and signs of aging.

Essential Five: Sunscreen

Although this product is one of the most overlooked, it’s also one of the most critical elements of a healthy skincare routine. Every day, your skin interacts with UV rays that have highly damaging properties. Therefore, you must apply a high-SPF sunscreen on your skin before stepping outside every day to help protect your skin from these harmful rays.

Even if your makeup, moisturizers, or other products advertise that SPF is included in their formulas, adding a separate layer of protection for your skin is still necessary. Taking this precaution will prevent significant sun damage, stop wrinkles from forming, and keep you safe against skin cancer.

Essential Six: Exfoliants

Over time, dead skin cells will naturally accumulate on your skin. So, while cleansing and performing a detailed skincare routine is helpful, it’s also critical you use an exfoliant to scrub away stubborn and dead skin cells.

Although they are essential to your skincare routine, you should not use exfoliants as an everyday skincare product. Depending on your skin type, it’s best to exfoliate once or twice a week. Those who experience dry skin most often benefit from exfoliating more often than those with naturally more oily skin.

Including this product in your weekly routine will create major benefits to the health and appearance of your skin. Exfoliants help make your skin stay hydrated and prevent future acne by peeling away leftover dirt from clogged pores.

The Takeaway

Although you may not be able to visibly see dirt, grime, or bacteria clogging your pores, the truth is that your skin accumulates these irritants every single day. Even if you may not develop chronic acne or breakouts, neglecting your skin’s health will create long-term damage such as premature wrinkles and sun damage. Don’t compromise the health of your skin by avoiding your skincare routine. Instead, review our list of what you need in a skincare routine and create a consistent cleansing regimen.

Once you adopt these products and commit your skincare routine to memory, you’ll see results in the health of your skin. Your complexion will be clearer and more glowing the more consistently you practice your skincare routine.

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Acne Skincare Essentials: What You Need in Your Skin Routine