Easy, Effective Way to Wash Your Acne Prone Skin

Published by Jil Goorman on May 26th 2020

Though it can be a struggle to find the right cleansing routine, there are a lot of ways you can do it wrong, which we will address in this post to help you get the most out of your skincare routine. The right cleansing process will help you avoid breakouts and even help reduce scarring.

The first tip is we’d like to recommend is that you only wash twice a day. We know it can be tempting to wash more often, particularly if your skin is oily. But washing too often results in over drying your skin and stripping it of its natural oils, which can lead to breakouts and irritation.

This is because acne is not caused by having dirty skin, although that is a commonly held belief. Acne is a genetic condition or sometimes a hormonal imbalance. This means that washing more often won’t necessarily cure pimples or blackheads.

Another point that we cannot stress enough is to be gentle with your skin. It might seem like an apricot scrub would be best for exfoliating, but it really does more harm than good. Harsh scrubs can leave your skin irritated or inflamed and can lead to scarring.

The best cleansers are generally more mild depending on your type of acne. A good place to start would be a Gentle Wash like this one. It is safe to use because it is non-comedogenic which means none of the ingredients are pore clogging. It is gentle enough to use around the eyes to remove makeup as well.

For those with more oily skin or moderate to severe acne, we recommend the BPO Wash, which has the added benefit of being 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. This is a more exfoliating cleanser to help lift dirt and oils out of the pores as well as being noncomedogenic and safe for acne prone skin.

The best routine for cleansing your face is to start by pulling your hair out of your face and then washing your hands. With your skin wet or damp, gently massage a dime sized amount of product in circular motions for 30 seconds. Make sure to keep the cleanser out of your eyes, particularly if you are using it to remove eye makeup. Rinse with lukewarm water (not hot, as that can be drying) and pat dry with a clean towel.

Another little known tip is that you want to avoid using a washcloth instead of your fingers to wash. The reason for this is because washcloths are much more rough and can cause irritation as well as harboring bacteria or harsh laundry detergents.

When washing your face, you want to be extra gentle and soft. Think of it as the ultimate self care. When your skin looks good, you feel good. This point will help you have the best skin possible and fewer breakouts in the long run.

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