Is Makeup Making My Acne Worse?

Is Makeup Making My Acne Worse?

Published by Jil Goorman on Sep 3rd 2020

There are a lot of factors that can impact whether you experience breakouts, and one of the most common concerns that people have is whether their acne could be causing (or worsening) breakouts. The answer is yes, makeup can definitely affect breakouts. Much of that depends on the quality of your products, and whether they contain ingredients that clog your pores.

Makeup and Breakouts

For many women, the first instinct when you start to see acne forming on your face is to reach for your base or concealer to cover it up. The trouble? This can start a vicious cycle of more or worsening breakouts, which means you will need more makeup for a longer period of time. In fact, many skincare specialists will recommend that you avoid using makeup at all when you have acne because of the harm it could cause. Unfortunately that leaves you to deal with unsightly and sometimes embarrassing acne without anything to mitigate it.

Why Most Makeup Doesn’t Mix with Acne

Most of the makeup you purchase off the shelves of drugstores, grocery stores, or even bigger beauty store chains and big-box stores has ingredients that can clog your pores. This exacerbates existing breakouts (making them last even longer or cause more skin irritation) and can put your skin at risk of developing more breakouts in the future if it causes oil and dirt to get trapped inside your pores, leading to bacteria and inflammation.

Choosing the Right Products

Fortunately you don’t have to go completely makeup-free just because you are experiencing breakouts. The key is to find products with the right ingredients that don’t cause or make acne worse. Finding acne-safe makeup usually means shopping on skincare websites where the products are specifically formulated to prevent clogged pores.

But beware, many makeup brands may say they don’t clog pores, indicate they are “for acne”, “dermatologist tested”, or “organic”, while their formulations are still filled with pore-clogging ingredients. We recommend our makeup line from Jil Goorman Beauty instead. None of our makeup formulations contain pore cloggers because we specifically created them to address the skin concerns of people who suffer from acne.

We believe it’s better to stick with skincare products that have extensive research behind them and skincare specialists to help you figure out which products are best. Ready to ditch your acne-causing makeup? Shop the full line of Jil Goorman Beauty today to find acne-safe products that prevent breakouts.