The Importance of Non-Comedogenic Products for Oily Skin

The Importance of Non-Comedogenic Products for Oily Skin

Published by Jil Goorman on May 10th 2024

The rising popularity of non-comedogenic products within the skincare community stems from a growing awareness of the link between product ingredients and skin health. Consumers are becoming more educated and discerning. Seeking products that improve both short- and long-term characteristics of the skin is what you’ll find in non-comedogenic formulas.

Non-comedogenic ingredients won’t clog pores while offering satisfactory hydration. The result is resilient skin that’s resistant to breakouts, dullness, and shine. Understanding the importance of non-comedogenic products for oily skin is invaluable. Discover how non-comedogenic products will refresh your skincare routine.

The Characteristics of Oily Skin

An excess production of sebum from the sebaceous glands characterizes oily skin. Understanding all the qualities of oily skin is the best way to learn how to care for your skin type.

Excessive Shine

The most noticeable characteristic of oily skin is its persistent shine. Excess oil on the skin’s surface reflects light, giving the skin a glossy appearance, particularly on the forehead, nose, and chin.

Enlarged Pores

Individuals with oily skin often have enlarged pores. This enlargement is due to the overactive sebaceous glands producing more oil, which can stretch the pores making them more visible.

Acne and Breakouts

The excess sebum production associated with oily skin can lead to clogged pores. Clogged pores infected with bacteria result in acne, blackheads, and other forms of breakouts.

Thick and Coarse Texture

Oily skin tends to have a thicker, coarser texture. The buildup of oil on the surface can make the skin feel less smooth and can contribute to a dull appearance over time.

Non-Comedogenic Products Regulate Oil Production

Controlling oil production is key to a clear complexion for those with oily skin. Non-comedogenic products are essential, as they balance sebum production without removing natural oils. These products avoid heavy oils or ingredients that increase oiliness, ensuring they don’t add to the problem.

Balanced Formulas

Many conventional skincare products can unintentionally increase oil production. Ingredients such as mineral oil, coconut oil, and silicones that benefit dry skin will trap sebum on oily skin types. The skin can no longer breathe and will produce additional oil as a reaction to what the skin perceives as dehydration or an imbalance in natural oil levels.

Non-comedogenic formulas are lightweight, allowing the skin to easily absorb them. They mimic the skin’s natural sebum production to sustain a permeable environment. For example, ingredients like squalane supply moisturization without adding external oiliness. Similarly, zinc PCA can regulate oil production by reducing the activity of the sebaceous glands, thus offering a dual benefit of hydrating the skin while keeping oil levels in check.

Non-Comedogenic Products Allow the Pores To Breathe

Non-comedogenic products ensure that the pores remain unblocked and can breathe. Scientifically speaking, the term “breathing” for skin refers to the pores’ ability to expel sweat, sebum, and toxins without obstruction. The skin’s ability to breathe is pivotal for maintaining its health and preventing acne formation.

These products include lightweight, non-occlusive ingredients. Unlike heavy, oil-based products that block the skin, they use non-comedogenic ingredients that allow the skin to breathe—helping sebum to move naturally to the skin’s surface and preventing buildup causing acne.

The formulation of non-comedogenic products minimizes the risk of clogging pores, which is essential for the skin’s self-cleaning and regulating mechanism. Ingredients like dimethicone offer a breathable barrier that protects without clogging pores.

Non-Comedogenic Products Prevent Acne

Treating existing acne is one thing that users get wrong about non-comedogenic products. The truth is that non-comedogenic makeup, serums, moisturizers, and cleansers won’t exacerbate acne.

The gentle ingredients don’t clog pores. The key component to remember about non-comedogenic products is they are beneficial for preventing acne.

You’ll likely need skin care for oily acne-prone skin to manage existing symptoms. Incorporating non-comedogenic ingredients into your routine is the best way to consistently maintain clear skin.

Non-Comedogenic Products Contain Hydrating Ingredients

Many with oily skin assume that supplemental hydration is forbidden. However, additional hydration resolves excess oil production.

Non-comedogenic products hydrate the skin without contributing to oiliness or causing breakouts. These products use specific ingredients that provide moisture to the skin’s layers effectively while ensuring that the pores are not overcome by heavy, occlusive materials.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is incredibly powerful; it has the unique ability to attract moisture from the surrounding environment directly into the skin. Remarkably, it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, ensuring that the skin receives deep hydration. It boosts moisture levels without causing oiliness, shine, or acne.


Glycerin, a potent humectant, works by drawing water into the outer layer of the skin from deeper levels and the surrounding air. This action provides essential hydration and creates a protective barrier on the skin’s surface. Glycerin upholds the skin’s moisture balance for a soft and supple sensation.

Aloe Vera

Many revere aloe vera for its calming properties and its deep hydrating capabilities. It won’t leave a greasy aftermath like other oily moisturizers. Aloe Vera’s natural composition delivers essential moisture to the skin without making it feel heavy or clogged.

Transform Your Skin Care Routine With Non-Comedogenic Ingredients

Non-comedogenic products are important for oily skin for several reasons. Non-comedogenic formulas are essential for addressing troublesome skin concerns, preventing shiny complexions and acne, and brightening complexions. Here is a glimpse of the products that will transform your skin care regimen if you’re ready to implement Jil Goorman Beauty’s non-comedogenic acne skin care kit into your oily skin routine.


The oily skin toner effectively tackles excessive oil and revives skin by eradicating dead skin cells. It’s a perfect oil-blocking solution for a greasy-free look all day.

Exfoliating Serum

The exfoliating serum combines mandelic acid and niacinamide. Together, the ingredients erase dead skin cells, combat acne, and lighten dark spots.


Jil Goorman Beauty boasts two hydrating and lightweight moisturizers: a gel and a cream. The gel harnesses hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, while the cream is the perfect acne-safe formula to replenish hydration in the morning and night.

Achieving clear and radiant skin is possible with the right regimen. Jil Goorman Beauty is ready to help you through your skincare journey. Visit our website to try the acne kit for oily skin or schedule a virtual consultation with one of our esteemed estheticians.

The Importance of Non-Comedogenic Products for Oily Skin