Tips and Tricks for Applying Eye Cream Properly

Tips and Tricks for Applying Eye Cream Properly

Published by Jil Goorman on Feb 14th 2023

You probably already know that the skin around your eyes is much thinner than the rest of your face and body. This also means that the eye area is one of the first spots you may notice signs of aging, which can be challenging to combat. Eye cream is an effective addition to your anti-aging skincare routine, but you should know a few tips to ensure you’re using it correctly. Follow along for some helpful tips and tricks for applying eye cream properly.

Use a Very Small Amount

Your eye area is quite small compared to the rest of your face. With that said, you only need a slight amount of eye cream to cover the area adequately. You may think a pea-sized amount is small enough, but you should drop that down to half a pea. Apply this tiny amount with your ring finger to ensure a gentle touch during application.

Pro Tip

Wash your hands before applying products to reduce bacteria transfer to your face.

Store It in the Refrigerator

It can be very soothing to apply cold products to your face, and you can ensure cold application every day by storing your eye cream in the refrigerator or a skincare chiller. Because your eye area is very delicate, the cold cream can feel delightful. Keeping your eye cream chilled is the perfect way to stay cool during the summer months and reduce unwanted puffiness or inflammation under your eyes.

Dab, Don’t Rub

Many people believe they have to rub in their products for their skin to absorb them, but that’s certainly not the case. You should dab your eye cream onto the area gently rather than rubbing it in to avoid pulling this thin, sensitive skin. In addition, rubbing your eye area too hard can cause unpleasant irritation to your eyes.

Wait Before Applying Other Products

You probably apply concealer to your eye area along with the rest of your makeup, but you should wait a small amount of time between applying eye cream and concealer. Typically, 90 seconds is enough time for your skin to absorb the cream before using concealer, but you can wait longer to ensure it’s fully absorbed.

If you’re unsure about proper skincare and makeup application for your skin, consider booking an online skincare consultation. There are many differing opinions on the internet, but these tips and tricks for applying eye cream properly can help ensure beautiful skin. Aging is inevitable, but you can prevent premature aging in your eye area by using these helpful tips.