Tips for Your Next Online Skincare Consultation

Tips for Your Next Online Skincare Consultation

Published by Jil Goorman on Sep 2nd 2022

Almost everyone has at least one skin concern, and you shouldn't let yours slow you down. Whether you're incredibly busy or too embarrassed to schedule an in-person appointment, you can benefit from a virtual consultation. Skincare often extends past your daily routine; consider these tips for your next online skincare consultation to ensure the best possible experience and treatment plan.

Compile a List of Questions

You probably have plenty of questions about your skin, and no question is too small. As you prepare for your virtual appointment, write down any questions you have and add them to your list as they come to you. While you can always get answers after the fact, it's much easier to ask everything you can during your meeting. Asking plenty of questions is the best way to get the most out of your online skincare consultation.

Keep a Pen and Paper Nearby

The main purpose of this meeting is for you to get answers to your questions, product recommendations, and skincare tips; therefore, you will benefit from keeping a pen and paper nearby during the consultation. Writing down the suggestions, products, and answers can help you keep track of the visit and provides something to refer back to after the fact. Even if you're not a good note-taker, you may still have a few thoughts to write down as you go through the process.

Clean Your Face Beforehand

One of the most important things to remember is that you shouldn't hide your skin for this appointment. With that in mind, be sure to take off your makeup and cleanse your skin beforehand so the esthetician can get a good look at your natural skin. Coming into the meeting with a clean, bare face makes it much easier for estheticians to properly assess and treat your skin conditions and concerns.

Sit in a Well-Lit Area

Although a virtual consultation is incredibly convenient, it does require some extra planning on your part. For example, you need adequate lighting to ensure the best possible experience. Without proper lighting, the esthetician won't be able to see your skin's true condition; consider sitting outside in the shade or near a window during the day.

With these tips for your next online skincare consultation, you can have a great appointment without having to go into an office. Even if you don't think a virtual experience is best for you, the answers and treatment responses will surprise you. Visit Jil Goorman Beauty online for the best products, tips, and all things skincare.