What Are the Limitations of Online Skincare Consultations?

What Are the Limitations of Online Skincare Consultations?

Published by Jil Goorman on Dec 28th 2023

The Internet is a valuable communication resource. Doctors can even arrange virtual appointments to provide great care from a distance.

Though limited, online skincare consultations are often the best choice if you’re having skincare complications and need advice from a trusted esthetician. Discover the limitations of online skincare consultations and learn why they are still a worthy investment.

Poor Internet Connection

A virtual appointment cannot occur without a stable Internet connection. Delayed responses, frozen screens, and dropped calls are common occurrences.

This limitation can be incredibly frustrating for both parties involved. Not to mention you cannot receive the proper instructions that you hoped for when the Internet is offline.

No Physical Exam

A dermatologist’s ability to feel the skin’s texture, elasticity, and any underlying abnormalities is important when establishing the skin’s condition and recommending products. They can discern the nuances that are often lost in photographs or video calls through touch.

Virtual consultations require high-quality photos of the skin for estheticians to make accurate conclusions. Although it’s not your average doctor’s visit, it’s still possible to receive helpful advice.

The Need for Tests

Some skincare concerns may require further analysis through diagnostic tests, such as blood work or skin samples. While online consultations can provide valuable advice and product recommendations, they may not cover all aspects of finding the root cause of your skin issues.

Visiting a dermatologist in person for potential testing is advisable if your skin concern seems persistent or severe. You can still benefit from an online consultation but remember that it might not suffice in certain cases.

Emergency Complications

Allergic reactions, infections, and worsening conditions shouldn’t wait for a virtual skincare consultation. Time is of the essence. That’s why it’s crucial to seek immediate help rather than wait for a scheduled consultation in emergencies.

Schedule a Virtual Consultation With Jil Goorman Beauty

Despite the limitations of online skincare consultations, Jil Goorman Beauty’s estheticians will do everything in their power to provide expert guidance. Send in photographs of your skin, fill out a questionnaire, and schedule an online skincare consultation to get started.

Implement the recommended products into your skincare routine after the consultation. Your consultant will schedule a follow-up appointment to see how your skin is progressing and determine whether you need to make any necessary adjustments.

Jil Goorman Beauty’s team of estheticians can’t wait to help you achieve the stunningly clear skin you desire!