What Happens if Rosacea Is Left Untreated?

What Happens if Rosacea Is Left Untreated?

Published by Jil Goorman on Jul 21st 2023

Although rosacea is a common skin concern for many people, it often goes misdiagnosed and misunderstood. This condition isn’t life-threatening, but it can cause discomfort for those who struggle with it. While it’s not always easy to deal with, there are many treatment options and ways to manage your rosacea properly. Follow along to learn more about what can happen if you leave rosacea untreated.

It May Affect Your Eyes

Interestingly, rosacea can impact more than your skin. In fact, rosacea can affect your eyes. If you have this condition and your eyes start burning, itching, or getting red, you should see a doctor. Unfortunately, rosacea doesn’t heal on its own. Rosacea comes with flare-ups caused by various lifestyle and environmental triggers that may last a few days, weeks, or months. So if you have problems with your eyes, don’t ignore them and expect them to go away on their own.

Spider Veins

The redness you experience from rosacea may worsen with each flare-up. Plus, the redness could become permanent and even develop into spider veins or painful acne on your face if you don’t treat it. Spider veins occur when tiny blood vessels burst and create thin, visible veins on your skin’s surface.

Social Isolation

Believe it or not, untreated rosacea may lead to social isolation. When you have a flare-up, you may be reluctant to attend social outings or go out in public. You have extreme redness on your face, which many find embarrassing. Additionally, the redness on your skin can be painful and make you more sensitive to sunlight, which could prompt you to stay inside and isolate yourself.

Benefits of Treatment

As you can see, there are many benefits to treatment. The primary benefit of seeking treatment options for your rosacea is that your skin will look and feel much healthier. Additionally, treating your rosacea can prevent eye issues and the development of spider veins or pimples. Using rosacea-safe skin care and seeking personalized treatment can help you avoid potential flare-ups as much as possible.

Now that you know what can happen if you leave rosacea untreated, you can make the right choice when it comes to treatment options. Rosacea is relatively common, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of—seek the best professional advice and beauty products for your condition.