What’s The Right Order for Makeup Application?

What’s The Right Order for Makeup Application?

Published by Jil Goorman on Aug 17th 2023

Applying makeup is a multi-step process. While you might have your own way of applying makeup, you might have the order jumbled. It’s time to figure out the right order for makeup application!

Start With Skincare

A freshly cleaned and hydrated face is the ideal surface for makeup application. Washing with a gentle cleanser, adding a hydrating serum, and applying moisturizer are essential for preparing your skin for makeup. Don’t forget to include your favorite SPF for sun protection!

Apply a Primer

Primers are great for blurring pores, color correcting, and smoothing textured skin. Most importantly, they are key for long-lasting makeup. Silicone-based primers are praised for blurring pores. Matte primers reduce oily appearances, while dewy primers are perfect for dry skin to create a natural glow.

Wait a few minutes for the primer to sink in before following up with the next steps.

Follow Up With Foundation and Concealer

Foundation makes your skin a blank canvas. It evens skin tones, manages oil production, and creates the perfect base for makeup products. Concealer is an extension of foundation. It’s typically one or two shades lighter than your main foundation. It’s perfect for covering up blemishes, brightening dark circles, and highlighting your best features.

Many makeup lovers and artists debate about applying foundation or concealer first. Some people like to sculpt the face with concealer before applying foundation, while others like to establish the base and add concealer after.

The order of application is totally up to you! These steps are interchangeable, so experiment with each technique to find one that suits you.

Sculpt With Cream or Liquid Blush and Bronzer

Creating a blank canvas with foundation means you need to add back the warmth of your natural skin. Blush adds color to the cheeks, while bronzer is great for contouring and adding depth around the face. Blend each product thoroughly to avoid harsh lines, unless that’s the look you’re going for!

If your skin is sensitive, you might have trouble finding acne-safe products. Clogged pores and breakouts are serious concerns with regular makeup application. Fortunately, Jil Goorman Beauty’s non-comedogenic blush can reduce skin irritation while making your face glow!

Protect the Base With Powder

Powders are favorable for setting the face. Loose, pressed, and setting powders are three of the most popular options to lock in your makeup.

Keep in mind that you should always apply liquid and cream products before any powder products. Liquids and creams will blend easily with the foundation base. If you have any powder blush or bronzer, apply those products after setting your face. Otherwise, you risk brushing them off when removing the setting powder.

Fill and Shape the Eyebrows

Everyone does their eyebrows differently. Tinted brow gels, brow pencils, and clear brow gel are all great for achieving clean brows.

Illuminate the Eyes With Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, and Mascara

Makeup enthusiasts let their creativity shine with eye makeup. Your opportunities are endless in this step.

Start by adding eyeshadow to the lids. Once you have the desired shape, you can add a bold or subtle wing of eyeliner. Finally, curl your lashes and add mascara for dramatic, voluminous eyelashes.

Side note: If you’re going to apply eyeshadow with immense fallout, apply it before step three. It will prevent any eyeshadow from sticking to your base, and it will come right off when you brush away the setting powder.

The right order of makeup application will result in carefully applied, long-lasting looks that you’ll love!