Why You Should Add a Facial Toner to Your Daily Routine

Why You Should Add a Facial Toner to Your Daily Routine

Published by Jil Goorman on Oct 14th 2022

Although some people may think toner is useless, others claim it as a miracle product. Regardless of these differing opinions, adding a facial toner to your daily beauty regimen could be worthwhile. You might have used a toner back in high school to rid your skin of excess oil and dry out your acne, but those formulas likely had a high alcohol content. Today’s toner formulas contain various hydrating, anti-aging, brightening, and soothing ingredients. Continue reading to learn why you should add a facial toner to your daily routine.

Toner Balances the Skin After Cleansing

Your skin is naturally acidic, and cleansers tend to be more alkaline. Your skin may go haywire trying to return to its normal state after cleansing, which could result in excess oil. Fortunately, using a toner after cleansing can help your skin balance its pH quickly. You might be able to feel your skin trying to return to its normal pH level after a shower, and it could feel dry before it gets oily again.

It Leaves You Feeling Refreshed

There’s nothing worse than excess oil or dirt building up on your skin throughout the day, but toner leaves you feeling refreshed. Because toner also helps remove traces of dirt, makeup, and oil from your face, you can use it in lieu of a traditional cleanser when you’re on the go. Aside from being great on the move, toner is also the perfect way to start and end your day.

Pro Tip

If you happen to suffer from an accidental sunburn, you can use toner to help soothe your skin and reduce redness.

It May Shrink Your Pores

Large, visible pores are a common characteristic of acne-prone skin, and they can be extremely difficult to reduce or cover. If you have larger pores, you should consider adding a toner for acne and oily skin to your daily skincare routine. Believe it or not, simply blotting your face with a toner-soaked cotton ball is an excellent way to remove excess oil and give the appearance of smaller pores.

Toner Adds Extra Hydration to Your Skin

Because toners are usually water-based, they provide the necessary hydration your skin needs after cleansing. Although you should also use a moisturizer in your daily routine, toners work to prep your skin for the moisturizer by allowing your body to soak in the toner and moisturizer and preserve hydration. If you’re feeling dry or flaky throughout the fall and winter, a toner is the best way to increase your skin’s absorption of your moisturizer.

Now that you know why you should add a facial toner to your daily routine, consider choosing one that works with your skin type. Daily skincare is essential for your skin’s health, but it can be difficult to know which products and steps are necessary. At the very least, cleanser, toner, and moisturizer should always be your base.