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Skin Tools

Skin Care Tools

Are the facial tools you use in your daily skincare routine helping to fight acne, or are they making it worse? We offer skincare tools that can help you boost your routine to fight inflammation and acne at the source.

We have 100% natural cotton rounds that are ideal for applying toner as part of your skincare routine. If you are thinking that all cotton rounds are created equal, think again. Ours are soft and provide just the right level of absorption to cleanse your face without leaving behind residue, or absorbing too much liquid so you have to use excessive toner and you run out too soon. The soft texture is gentle on your face and doesn’t include any synthetic ingredients, dyes, or other harmful chemicals.

Our ice roller is another essential facial tool for every skincare routine, soothing your skin and refreshing it instantly to avoid redness and puffiness. It can also help reduce redness that comes with acne breakouts, providing relief from pain and inflammation. Use our skincare tools as part of your daily routine for radiant, healthy, acne-free skin. 

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