Acne-Safe Conditioner

Our acne-safe conditioners offer gentle moisturizing after you shampoo to replenish your hair, penetrating your hair strands after you shampoo to restore some of what was stripped away during cleansing. While all conditioners are designed to help detangle hair after washing, using high-quality conditioner made of natural ingredients can significantly improve your hair’s health, strength, and shine.

We use only the finest ingredients in our conditioner to help treat dry, damaged, and chemically-treated or colored hair. It’s enriched with essential ingredients like amino acids and vitamins to strengthen damaged hair and prevent further damage. Our conditioner is also acne-safe, so they won’t create excess oils around your hairline or on other parts of your body that could lead to breakouts. Plus our acne-safe conditioners are free of harmful parabens (chemicals) and are never tested on animals.

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