3 Different Ways To Apply Toner to Your Face

3 Different Ways To Apply Toner to Your Face

Published by Jil Goorman on Jun 22nd 2022

If you’re unfamiliar with toners, they’re pH balancing and hydrating products you should use in your daily skincare routine. Although you might remember the potent astringents and tonics from your teenage years, other formulas don’t dry your skin and leave you hydrated and glowing instead. Check out the three different ways to apply toner to your face and learn which method is best for your unique skin type.

Apply With Cotton Pads or Balls

Using a cotton pad or ball to apply your toner is the most common method for any skin type, but it’s especially useful for oily or combination skin. Because the cotton gently exfoliates, it helps grab any excess oil to better prep your skin for serums and moisturizers. When you use a specifically formulated toner for acne and oily skin, it won’t dry your skin and will help keep excess oil at bay.

Use Your Hands

You might not like to use your hands to apply skincare or makeup products, but those with normal or dry skin might benefit from incorporating this method for toner. Use gentle tapping motions to pat the product into your face, and the heat from your hands will help your skin absorb the moisture more efficiently.

Mist or Spritz

If you have very dry or sensitive skin, using a toner as a mist or spritz might be the best option for you. Since this method may only dilute impurities on your skin, consider using a soft rag, such as an old T-shirt, to dab your face clean. You can also use toner as a facial mist to refresh your skin and provide additional moisture throughout the day.

While many people tend to skip toner in their daily skincare routine, applying toner to your face can increase hydration and keep your skin clear. When you use toner directly after cleansing, you can feel it refresh and rejuvenate your face. Use one of these different ways to apply toner to your face to see just how much it boosts your natural glow!