5 Common Triggers That Cause Rosacea on the Face

5 Common Triggers That Cause Rosacea on the Face

Published by Jill Goorman on Jul 28th 2022

Although it impacts millions of people, rosacea is often mistaken for other skin conditions, such as eczema. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for rosacea, but proper treatments and lifestyle changes can help keep your symptoms under control. Once you receive a proper diagnosis, limiting your exposure to specific elements can minimize your flare-ups. Explore the common triggers that cause rosacea on the face and learn how to avoid them.

Excessive Exposure to the Elements

Exposure to UV rays and hot weather are among the leading contributors to flare-ups for many people who suffer from rosacea. The sun dilates your blood vessels, which increases your overall skin temperature and causes extra redness on the face.

How To Avoid

It’s not always possible to stay inside, but you should take preventative measures to avoid excessive exposure to the sun and hot weather. Do your best to keep cool, wear hats to shield your face, and don’t stay outside for extended periods.

Consuming Alcohol or Spicy Foods

Although you may enjoy drinking alcohol and eating hot wings, they are responsible for a significant number of flare-ups. Alcohol and spicy foods are highly inflammatory for everyone, but they may have a greater impact on those with rosacea because they dilate blood vessels.

How To Avoid

Limit your alcohol and spicy food intake if possible. It’s important to remember that not everyone has the same triggers, so you’ll have to pinpoint things you have issues with specifically.

Heavy Exercise

Because physical activity raises your body temperature and increases your heart rate, it may lead to a flare-up. The central nervous system becomes overly active when you participate in heavy exercise. As a result, blood flows to your skin’s surface much quicker, which causes additional redness.

How To Avoid

Avoid strenuous exercise that raises your heart rate too high and causes excessive perspiration. You can still perform physical activities, but you should opt for walking and lightweight training instead of high-intensity workouts.

Certain Beauty Products

Unfortunately, many skincare and makeup products can cause rosacea flare-ups and breakouts. However, not everyone reacts to each product the same way. Choosing the best skincare products may involve some trial and error, as you must determine what works for you and what doesn’t.

How To Avoid

You should stop using a specific product if you have a reaction or flare-up, but it may require some elimination techniques to determine which one is the cause. Consider using a complete rosacea skincare set to ensure the best possible treatment for your skin.

Experiencing Stress or Anxiety

High levels of stress or anxiety can wreak havoc on your skin, especially if you suffer from rosacea. Stress causes your body to release chemicals that may contribute to abnormal skin conditions, such as rosacea flare-ups.

How To Avoid

Do your best to avoid stressful situations. Instead, purposefully participate in activities that relieve stress and put your mind and body at ease. Yoga and meditation are excellent ways to reduce stress and minimize flare-ups.

Now that you know the most common triggers for rosacea on the face, you can make the necessary changes to avoid flare-ups. Although these are common triggers, it’s not a guarantee that you will struggle with any or all of them.