5 Tips for Giving Yourself an At-Home Facial

5 Tips for Giving Yourself an At-Home Facial

Published by Jil Goorman on Mar 6th 2023

It’s no secret that beauty treatments and products can be expensive; however, you shouldn’t neglect your skin of what it needs. Even if you can’t go to the spa to get a facial every month, you can learn to do them yourself. While facials can include many steps, they can be as simple as doing something beneficial for your skin outside your normal skincare routine. Dive into a few useful tips for giving yourself an at-home facial for the best possible experience.

Create a Soothing Environment

Even if you don’t want to spend money going to the spa, you can create a soothing environment at home. Whether you light your favorite candle or turn on ambiance lighting and play soft music, you’ll enjoy the experience much more if it brings you peace and joy. Skincare is an important part of your overall physical health, but it can also be really great for your mental health.

Cleanse Your Skin Thoroughly

Cleansing your skin should be the first step of your facial, and it should be a very deep clean. That said, start by taking off your makeup with an oil-based cleanser. Then cleanse again with a water-based cleanser to remove any lingering debris. A clean, blank canvas is crucial for a successful facial, as it may not be as effective if traces of makeup, dirt, or oil remain on your face.

Pro Tip

Use lukewarm water to cleanse your skin, as it’s more effective at removing debris.

Avoid Comedogenic Ingredients

While many substances, like coconut oil and beeswax, can be great additions to skincare products, they can also clog your pores. Because the primary goal of a facial is to improve your skin’s quality, you should avoid comedogenic ingredients—especially if you want to make your own face masks. If you’re prone to breakouts, consider getting a skincare kit for acne to reduce your chances of unwanted blemishes.

Utilize Steam

Steam is highly effective at opening your pores and softening your skin. Even though it may seem difficult to achieve steam at home without an expensive facial steamer, there is a very easy solution. Hover your face over a bowl of warm water and cover your head with a towel to prevent the steam from escaping into the air. With that said, only do this for a few minutes, as excessive steaming may lead to dryness.

Hydration Is Key

Hydration is the key to a great facial. The last step in your facial should be applying a hydrating face mask. Consider adding a few drops of a hydrating serum to your moisturizer and applying a liberal amount to your skin. You can use a gua sha or jade roller to massage it in—this will help your skin absorb the moisture.

Hopefully, these tips for giving yourself an at-home facial will help you create the ultimate spa experience. Although there’s nothing wrong with going to an actual spa from time to time, an at-home facial is a great alternative when a spa trip doesn’t fit into your budget.